The Essay Series

Driving Transformative Change: Foreign Affairs and the 2030 Agenda

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The six essays of the series were written by experts from several organisations working in the fields of sustainable development and peace highlight different foreign policy dimensions of the SDGs in cooperation with adelphi authors:

  1. Leadership for the SDGs: why foreign policy must recharge multilateral cooperation now
    Authors: Oli Brown (Chatham House) and Stella Schaller (adelphi)
  2. Building on 16: how the SDGs can build a more peaceful world
    Authors: David Steven (NYU-CIC), Rachel Locke (NYU-CIC) and Lukas Rüttinger
  3. Beware the politics: leveraging foreign policy for SDG implementation
    Authors: Daria Ivleva (adelphi), Alexander Mueller (TMG Think Tank for Sustainability), and Benjamin Pohl (adelphi)
  4. Managing the trade-offs of transformation through foreign policy
    Authors: Clare Church (IISD), Alec Crawford (IISD) and Stella Schaller (adelphi)
  5. Worth every cent: smarter approaches to addressing fragility
    Author: Sara Batmanglich (OECD)
  6. Beyond rhetoric: Why foreign policy needs to foster private sector SDG implementation
    Authors: Benno Keppner (adelphi), Daniel Weiß (adelphi), Pietro Bertazzi (CDP) and Bibiana García (adelphi)